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The lost credit card

Those who wake before the sun know Dunkin’ Donuts is crowded as we wait for our trains.  A man held up the line today when, after ordering his coffee, he said, “Listen, I’ve got to tell you something…”  The man … Continue reading

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Dad, I need a really nice car…

High school girls traveling to the City with their dad.   Dad is explaining the importance of getting a job. “Dad, I’m a junior in high school.  When I’m a senior and I have a car, then I’ll get a job.  … Continue reading

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The crisscross entrance to Penn Station

The 8th Avenue entrance to Penn Station confounds me. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of anti-terrorist measure or just some really bad planning. If you enter on the 8th Avenue and 33rd Street corner, you enter on the … Continue reading

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No so bad

For NJTransit and Amtrak commuters, the derailed train in the East River tunnel seems to have had very little impact on Monday. Much different story for LIRR riders who will be suffering through canceled and delayed trains through Wednesday while … Continue reading

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Monday morning madness

The Monday morning commute could be a bit messy. First, we have the aftermath of Sunday’s PATH accident in Hoboken. PATH resumed partial service on Sunday night with one track in use. Hopefully, two tracks will be operational for the … Continue reading

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